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'Relax into Being' Yoga Nidra Workshop & Practice

with Eric Bennewitz

6. Februar 2022 von 14:00- 16:30 Uhr

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Allow yourself to come into true relaxation and beyond while restoring balance to youroverall well-being. Yoga Nidra is amazingly simple to practice—sitting still and quieting themind are not required—lie down, listen and notice.

Welcome to Yoga Nidra as adapted and guided by Eric Bennewitz.

Yoga Nidra is one of the simplest yet deepest meditations. The beauty of this practice is that ANYONE can do it regardless of having a regular yoga practice or not. 
With stress being the leading cause of many illnesses today and research showing the origins for many illnesses coming first from the mind and then into the body, adapting a consistent Yoga Nidra practice is an effective & preventive medicine & tool for overall health.
Join Eric in exploring the What and Why of Yoga Nidra through discussion, interactive practices and a led Yoga Nidra meditation. This workshop is ideal for ANYONE who is looking for a simple way to reduce physical, emotional and mental tensions while awakening the body & natural healing response, changing unwanted habit patterns and realizing your life's true potential. Through regular Yoga Nidra, we awaken to our True Nature.
Workshop language: English

Workshop mit Eric Bennewitz

Yoga Workshop Kiel, Yoga Nidra Workshop Kiel, Entspannung Workshop Kiel, Yoga Workshop Eric Bennewitz

In 2008, Eric experienced his first Yoga Nidra meditation at a teacher training in Toronto, Canada. Immediately after the meditation, he felt a deeper sense of peace than he’d ever felt before and intuitively knew that Yoga Nidra was going to be a part of his future practice. Xenia Spawlinski, the teacher that led this meditation became Eric’s first Yoga Nidra teacher for the next couple of years.

In 2010, Eric relocated to Hamburg, Germany where he introduced Yoga Nidra into yoga classes and students loved it. He then grew the audience by guiding Yoga Nidra at events at schools, businesses and yoga conferences.

In 2014, Eric attended a Yoga Nidra Teacher Training with Jennifer Reis of the Kripalu Institute, a respected Yoga Nidra expert. During this time, Eric deepened his personal Yoga Nidra meditation practice, his understanding of this ancient art and refined his ability to create and write Yoga Nidra scripts for various audiences. With this, he has to date released a number of Yoga Nidra   meditation recordings for all to benefit available on all major online platforms and App Stores.



Der Workshop findet im Yogastudio von Yoga-Moment in der Holtenauer Straße 146 statt, siehe auf der Karte hier.

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