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Beyond Yoga- Learning life with a yogi

am 1. September 2018 von 14:30- 17:30 Uhr

Yoga Workshop Kiel, Yoga als Lebensphilosophie, Swami Mukti, Yoga Kiel


If your downward-facing dog makes you feel zen for the moment, but the next morning is back in your inbox — it’s time to take yoga off the mat and into the office.

If you keep investing in personal development, but find yourself in the same place after a while —it’s time to understand what really  drives your life.

Living in India for 16 years under the direct training of a Himalayan Master, Swami Mukti learned that only the postures of the mind will allow you to truly transform and feel light. His training didn’t involve stretching the body, but to develop flexibility of mind:

Adapt – Adjust – Accommodate.

But what does this mean in practical terms? And why is ego the subtle saboteur of our growth and fulfillment?

Join Swami Mukti for a deep talk on Yoga and the integration of yogic principles into everyday life. He will also share anecdotes from his own life as well as a systematic meditation to help you become the friendly master of your mind, be relaxed in front of life’s many challenges and move towards a deep sense of contentment.



Workshop mit Swami Mukti

Yoga Workshop Kiel, Chakren, Yoga Kiel


"Yoga is not only about stretching the body,
it is about flexibility of your mind."


Swami Mukti is a modern day yogi, international speaker and mentor who shares yoga as a science of positive living. He received direct training at the Bihar School of Yoga in India where he lived for 16 years and has been based in New Zealand since 1996 when he co-founded the Anahata Yoga Retreat.
As the director of Light Mind Swami Mukti travels the globe inspiring individuals to effectively transcend the limitations of the mind with the help of ancient yoga and meditation syste s.

Swami Mukti has released four meditation CDs and is the author of "The Forgotten Gurus - Inspirations from the World Silent Teachers". With 40 years of experience, his teachings combine an ancient wisdom with simplicity, fun and compassion.


"A warm Welcome! My name is Swami Mukti and I believe that the simpler your mind is, the lighter and more fulfilled your life will be.

My story begins in India where I lived for 16 years with Yogis from the Himalayas. 

When I arrived in India for the first time, I carried a suitcase full of yoga books, thinking I had come to learn how to stand on my head and meditate like Buddha.

My teacher told me to throw away my books.

Instead I was here to unload my mind from the real baggage I had been carrying my entire life.

Most of us think that we have many problems, but from my own experience working with a variety of people over the past 40 years, I know that we have only one: the Mind.

The answer to all our questions and worries, lies in developing a mind that is light.

I hope to share my insights and experience with you, and provide a practical approach so you can be one step closer to a light and fulfilled life."


Feedback von Teilnehmern/innen

"Aged 35, following my second major health burnout, I knew something had to change. 
After working with Swami Mukti, I can now see my patterns of driven-ness as soon as they rear up. I am in a better state physically, mentally and emotionally than I have been since early teenage years.
No quick fixes, no silver bullets; simply practical advice, encouragement, and reminders that consistency is key.

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