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Fun-damentals of Yoga  

am 20. Juli 2019 von 10:00- 12:30 Uhr

Yoga Workshop Kiel, Prashant Tewatia, Yoga für Anfänger Kiel, Yoga-Moment Kiel, Yogastudio Kiel


The Yoga Fundamentals Workshop is geared for people who are either starting out in their yoga practice or for those would like to revisit and clarify basic alignment principles.
Through demonstration, discussion and experiential movement, the workshop will empower you with key understandings and information on how to help keep your body safe – whether you are practicing in a class or on your own.
The safety and positioning of three key areas of the body will be examined in relation to yoga postures: the shoulders, the lower back and the knees. Correct alignment of these areas will be explored in relationship to building an awareness of core strength and stability.
When asanas (yoga postures) are practiced with awareness and knowledge of healthy alignment, you will find greater comfort and ease in the body. Proper alignment is essential to avoid the risks of injury and to establish a solid foundation on which a practice can grow.



Workshop mit Prashant Tewatia

Yoga Workshop Kiel, Prashant Tewatia, Yoga-Moment Kiel

Prashant was initiated into Yoga at an early age, watching his grandpa in a headstand every morning, being taught Hatha Yoga at high school in Delhi and also teaching to his fellow University students in Ireland. Ten years later, he still finds himself hungry to share, learn and engage in the bliss of Yoga.

Prashant’s professional practice has been informed by his experience in India of Vinyasa flow in Rishikesh and Goa, Shivananda Yoga in Kerala, Art of Living (Sri Sri Yoga) in Bangalore and Restorative Yoga in Belgum (India).

However his most extensive and most recent training has been as a follower of the B.K.S Iyengar methodology, under senior Iyengar teachers Usha Devi, Lothar Hofler, Raghuvendra Shenoy and Dr. Abhay Kesti, his guru with whom he has developed a passion for Yoga Therapy.

Prashant contributes a rich and varied experience of yoga and Indian heritage to his workshops. 


"Real spirituality is the greatest rebellion there is. It is risky, it is adventurous, it is dangerous." - Osho



Workshop Preise

Die 4 Workshops "Fun-damentals", "Inversion Workshop", "Primal Movements medicine" und "Yoga &  Qi Gung Workshop"  mit Prashant sind einzeln oder vergünstigt als Wochenend-Paket buchbar.


• 38€ pro Workshop bei Buchung bis zum 20.6. danach 42€

  • alle 4 Workshops als Kombi: 129€ bis zum 20.6. danach 139€


Ermäßigung für Teilnehmer/innen vom Yoga-Moment und Student(inn)en:

• 34€ pro Workshop bei Buchung bis zum 20.6. danach 38€

  • alle 4 Workshops als Kombi: 119€ bis zum 20.6. danach 129€


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