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The Art of Teaching Yoga

mit Prashant Tewatia aus Goa / Indien

am 5. Mai 2023 von 17:00- 20:00 Uhr


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This workshop is designed specifically to help yoga teacher trainees develop their teaching skills and gain confidence in their teaching abilities. During our time together, we’ll cover:

  • Body reading and anatomy
  • Touch and adjustments
  • Verbal Instructions
  • Guideline for Yoga Teacher 
There will be plenty of time for questions you may have about any aspect of teaching, including questions about postures, the art of teaching, adjusting, class planning and organizing and putting together courses and workshops.
Suitable for all teacher trainees and newly qualified teachers who have questions and would like to refine their teaching skills.

Workshop language: English


Workshop mit Prashant Tewatia

Yoga Workshop Kiel, Prashant Tewatia, Yoga-Moment KielHi, I'm Prashant Tewatia. I was born in Haryana, north India, but have made my home south in Goa now for over a decade. 

My introduction to yoga came at an early age, watching my  grandfather practice every morning at home. It was not until I left India for college in Ireland that I truly realised my passion for it, however;  looking back I think travel allowed me to view my traditional values in a new light. 

It is now 14 years since I returned  home, bringing with me a clear intention for learning and teaching yoga, martial arts, chi gung and other somatic movement practices. 

Asked which style of yoga I advocate  these days I think I would be hard pressed to answer; living in Goa I've been blessed to work with practices and practitioners from all over the world and grabbed every opportunity to dive deep into whatever life presented in order to understand what works, how it works and how to develop my own unique synergy. 

I believe this broad-based approach has allowed me to distil some of the principles common to these various practices, as well as how to share them more efficiently and enjoyably with my students.

From October to March I run Udaan - Yoga & Movement Clinic in Goa and the rest of the months are spent travelling and teaching in Europe.


Mehr zu Prashant Tewatia und seinem Yogastudio in Goa findest du hier:

Instagram - Prashant_tewatia 




Der Workshop findet im Yogastudio von Yoga-Moment im Holzkoppelweg statt (siehe auf der Karte hier):

Holzkoppelweg 33 - Eingang J-70
24118 Kiel



Workshop Preise

54 € pro Workshop bei Buchung bis zum 20. April 2023, danach 59 €


Ermäßigung für Teilnehmer/innen vom Yoga-Moment und Student(inn)en:

49 € pro Workshop bei Buchung bis zum 20. April 2023, danach  54 €


Prashant bietet auch am 6. und 7. Mai 2023 Workshops bei uns im Studio an:

- am 6. Mai:  "Strength and Mobility" und "Journey into Handstands"

- am 7. Mai:  "Health of Upper Back, Neck and Shoulders" und "Lower Back Relief"


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